Latest News

Specialty Fibers

Consolidated Fibers is actively expanding our specialty fiber portfolio to include these products:

  • American Textiles

  • Consolidatedfibers Supports Project2Heal

    Project2Heal provides early training to the best pups in every litter so they could become valued service dogs and companions. We donate them to service organizations that train – and ultimately place them with children with special needs, Veterans who were wounded or disabled and special needs adults. To learn more about Project2Heal visit


We completed a major upgrade to our computer systems. With this major upgrade it will improve our ability to do the following;

  • EDI interface with customers
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Real time data exchange with customers and suppliers
  • Improve our ability to do same day deliveries
  • With the use of technology truly enter into partnership with our suppliers and customers 



Our New Products

Consolidated Fibers is now distributing and keeping in our respective warehouses the following products:

  • PE/PET and PE/PEP Bi-component fibers
  • Meta-aramid fibers
  • Virgin OB Polyester Staple
  • 3 Denier Polyester for Needle Punch